Monday, June 13, 2011

TringMe software (Voice over Inernet) for Blackberry

When i got hooked to Blackberry, I looked for skype or an application similar to skype, which will allow me to make internet calls using Blackberry. Of course, there were some claims but none of them were found working. And, then I learnt that that technically there is some issue because of which it is not possible to write such application on Blackberry. Unless, of course, in newer OS such technical limitation was overcome.

This was bit difficult to digest because I had seen skype working flawlessly on recent phenomenon called iPhone. Any way, tech world being what it is, we can't do much.

So, it was a surprise when I learnt that TringMe, a India based start-up had developed an application that would enable a Blackberry handset with any BB OS version to make IP calls over Wifi and 3G. When I read more, it even claimed that it would even work for those data plans where only e-mails and IM were allowed i.e., GPRS/browser support was missing. I said to my self, that's like a real Indian genius! Let me try.

Immediately I set down to download tringme application for my blackberry handset. I have basic BIS plan with e-mail and IM only i.e, no GPRS/Browser. After installation, it showed me my virtual phone number and so on. Icon got setup on the screen and I was anxious to get started with few free phone calls. Unfortunately my BB handset (8310) does not support Wifi and 3G. When I had got it, I thought wifi is not going to be useful, so I had opted for a handset with GPS! But technology changes fast, and in no time Wifi became ubiquitous.

So, I thought TringMe is a god-sent application that will allow me to make IP calls. But, before I started, I thought let me check if everything else is working alright. And to my surprise, I found that my Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger and Hotmail Messenger were not able to connect to the server. Upon re-try I saw message on all of them that 'you have not subscribed to this service' or 'service book entries are missing'. I don't remember exact message.

So, after some thought I realised that it could be TringMe. So, I deleted TringMe from the phone. And, all 3 IMs started working. That's it. I'll not try TringMe once again, unless website specifically says that it does not hamper working of IMs. Also, I noticed that site assumes that everyone knows how to download and install BB application, even when the user is having basic BB plan with e-mail and IM support!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Problems with MTNL's Triband Internet Connection

About 15 days back, we experienced totally black-out for almost 3 days with MTNL's internet connection. Upon inquiry we found that their Fibre Channel cable was damaged by a utility company while doing some road repair work. Ok. We understand this happens sometimes.

But, for past 8 to 10 days, kind of problems we have been facing with MTNL's triband is making us crazy. Almost every day some time or other, suddenly for 4 to 6 hours Internet connection starts behaving bad. For some days it has been 'web page cannot be displayed'. Today it is able to load only certain sites e.g., google, google mail, yahoo mail, mtnl, iit bombay, stock holding corporation, blogger etc. It's not able to open sites like irctc, saraswat bank, most links on google search, indian passport, kingfisher club etc.

Talked to various people at MTNL including their server room people. They are clueless. And, to make it worse, today is saturday. So, they will take it up on Monday! Same thing had happened during Fibre Cable damage problem.

I remember, I had faced a wierd problem about 1 year back. I was not able to visit IRCTC website for railway booking. I called up MTNL's help line and after much argument they confirmed that there was an issue with their DNS server; and they are working on it. Since I was in hurry I used Cleartrip's railway booking (which had just started, and I found it to be much better than IRCTC). Any way, after that it's more or less working well.

It should be mentioned here that apart from this few incidents, MTNL's triband internet has been extremely good and reliable.